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Page 2

Patience Valentine – If You Don’t Come – SAR

Classy R & B from beginning to end. One of two releases by Patience Valentine on Sam Cooke’s SAR label, this one is probably worth thirty times wht the other one is. Why I wonder ? To me it will always be a Roger Banks record, and although there are probably another ten copies floating around out there it’s not one you hear get played often enough. Pretty obviously it finds itself at the top of my DJ playlist at the moment ! Current value in excess of 400 in mint condition.

patiencevalentine.jpg (38143 bytes)

Cody Black – I’m Slowly Molding – King

About six years ago Ted Massey asked Soul Sam to play this at the Black Horse in Wolverhampton. I was immediately captivated, and had to have one. It took me nearly four years to find a copy, and at the time was the most expensive record I had ever bought. A good Detroit artist with releases on several labels this is again bordering on R & B, but with an infectious beat that even now drags people onto the dancefloor in vast numbers. Current value in excess of 350.

codyblack.jpg (43148 bytes)

The Gilettes – Same Identical Thing – J & S

Another from the Stafford era that just chugs along. I know nothing about the artists, or the label for that matter, but as Berry Gordy said It’s what’s in the groove that counts. Again a record that pulls people towards the dancefloor, set more towards midtempo than a stomper I would defy anyone to sit still whilst this was playing. As far as current vale it’s difficult to say because I’ve seen it at anything from 40 to 100 in the last two weeks, so search around and you’ll find one at the right price for you.

gilettes.jpg (43194 bytes)

James Conwell – The Trouble With Girls – 4J

Starting off with a strident burst of horns this is a record that I think will go big this year. I’m not sure if this is the Jimmy Conwell of ‘Cigarette Ashes’ fame, and I’m inclined to think it’s not, this has been steadily rising in price over the last year or so. Originally heard this being played by Chris Anderton, who when he got a mint copy from the States gave me the rather battered looking copy he had been playing. Although it looked battered, it plays just fine. Current value in excess of 100.

jamesconwell.jpg (29053 bytes)

Milton Grayson – It Ain’t Necessarily So – Keen

Bit of a left fielder this one. Very early sounding record in terms of traditional Northern Soul (It might possibly even be a late Fifties recording, although I suspect it’s very early Sixties), and a version of an old standard….but with SOUL. I played this for the first time at the 100 Club, and stars that they are, the dancers stayed on the dancefloor right through it. As yet I’ve not played it anywhere else, but will be doing so later this year. One to watch I think. Current value 30 but set to rise.

miltongrayson.jpg (43470 bytes)

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