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Lori Burton

Jimmy Nichols Orchestra (a fifteen-piece band amongst it's members was Lori's Father who sang and played saxophone, at the age of five, Lori began to sing with her father’s orchestra)

Dolly Renay (Lori Burton) a stage name she used at age twelve when she sang with her father in various night-clubs.

Lori Burton (born Dolores Diana Squeglia on September 30, 1940 in New Haven, Connecticut)

Roulette 4609 - Yeh, Yeh, Yeh / Who Are You - 1965
(Roulette after signing her in 1964 felt the name Dolores Squeglia was too ethnic, so Dolores was shortened to Lori and Burton was adopted from Richard Burton)  
Mercury 72663 - Bye Bye Charlie / The Hurt Won't Go Away - 1967 
Columbia 45359 - I'll Be Home / Missing You Today - 1971

Lori Burton and Patrick Jude

Cutting Room Inc. - Let's Spend The Night Together - 1975? (unissued 10"acetate, 3 mins 40 seconds long  recorded at Record Plant (East) Studios, New York, NY, USA - produced by John Lennon and Roy Cicala (her then husband - divorced in 1979))


Mercuy Sr-61136 - Breakout! - 1967 Tracks:


Lori Burton co-wrote with Pam Sawyer the 1966 recording by Cindy Malone "Try To Understand" on Capitol 5734.

Lori Burton's brother, James Anthony, was a fill-in drummer for Karen Carpenter onstage.

Discography by Bosko Asanovic